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Soft-Tex International: A Trailblazer in Creating Sleep Enhancement Technologies

Top 10 Foam Technology Solution Companies - 2021

The foam market is projected to register a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period 2021 to 2026. Some of the key drivers behind the expansion include greater attention to environmental stability and energy conversion and the growing demand for use-specific foams. By leveraging some of the new technologies, many innovations are being pursued in the industry. For example, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on developing lightweight foaming for use in the automotive industry for achieving higher fuel efficiency. Building constructions targeting improved energy-efficient solutions with demand for memory foam in bedding and mattress products is expanding the market in developing and developed nations. Innovations in manufacturing technology such as 3D printing and artificial intelligence-enabled manufacturing offer smart and lightweight, protective equipment for sports, military, law enforcement, and first responders. Foam technology is advancing for aerospace use wherein the lightweight foam is being used compared to bulky ones used previously, reducing significant costs.

Keeping in mind all these technological innovations and advancements, we have compiled this issue of Manufacturing Outlook comprising a list of some prominent foam technology solution providers. The edition also includes insights from industry leaders for aspiring CXOs.

We present to you Manufacturing Outlook’s “Top 10 Foam Technology Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Top Foam Technology Solution Companies

  • Decon7 Systems provides value to our customers by improving cleaning, disinfecting, and safety for everyone. Decon7 Systems operates within the environment’s most dangerous pathogenic, chemical, and energetic hazards and threats. Work is done every day to develop solutions to combat these risks. And we believe that these innovative solutions should not be kept on laboratory shelves, but that they should be made readily available to everyone in order to keep the food supply and public and private spaces and property clean and safe.

  • Sebright Products and their Specialty Equipment division, Bright Technologies, manufacture industrial trash/refuse and recycling equipment with a proven track record for superior payloads, as well as, long term reliability. Sebright Products and their Specialty Equipment division, Bright Technologies, manufacture industrial trash/refuse and recycling equipment with a proven track record for superior payloads, as well as, long term reliability. Sebright Products offers a diversified selection of compaction equipment, each model is featured in one of our many Sales Literature links - you can find these under the specific Products heading that fit your needs.

  • SES is leading the Spray Foam Industry in product performance, safety, and green content. SES Spray Foam Insulations push the envelope of performance, providing high yields and high R-values while passing the Appendix X Fire test uncoated and boasting the highest bio-content in the industry. By providing optimum insulation, air and thermal seals in one application across challenging designs, there is no limit to the types of projects SES spray foams can tackle.

  • Soft-Tex International is an innovative company that offers advanced technologies to create high-quality bedding and home comfort products.

  • Dow


    Dow combines global breadth, asset integration and scale, focused innovation, and leading business positions to achieve profitable growth. Our ambition is to become the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive, and sustainable materials science company, with a purpose to deliver a sustainable future for the world through our materials science expertise and collaboration with our partners. Our portfolio of plastics, industrial intermediates, coatings and silicones businesses delivers a broad range of differentiated science-based products and solutions for its customers in high-growth market segments, such as packaging, infrastructure, mobility, and consumer care. We operate 106 manufacturing sites in 31 countries and employ approximately 35,700 people.

  • Foamcraft


    As a leader in the fabrication of polyurethane foam, Foamcraft's mission is to continually improve our products and processes to ensure that we exceed all customer requirements. The combination of innovative and efficient production techniques with conscientious, carefully trained employees is fundamental to our ability to provide exceptional value to our customers. On-time delivery of high quality, cost-effective products enables the development of long-term relationships, ensuring consistent growth and prosperity for our company. Foamcraft has uniquely positioned itself to provide a dynamic urethane foam product line aimed at a diverse group of market segments. Decades of experience with foam fabrication for multiple industries has provided us with extensive expertise.

  • Polymer Technologies

    Polymer Technologies

    Polymer Technologies is a leading manufacturer of noise reduction materials/molded foam products in the acoustical and thermal composites industry. Founded in 1989, Polymer Technologies has been dedicated to providing superior engineering and world-class customer service for over two decades. Our custom composites and molded foams are ideally formulated for noise reduction and thermal energy management, and have consistently been the top choice of several of the world's most respected corporations.

  • Rubberlite


    Rubberlite, Inc. is the industry recognized leader of converted cellular rubber and plastic products. Rubberlite is an innovator in polyurethane foam manufacturing and features the largest variety of foam densities by thickness, with the tightest tolerance capability in the industry. Quality products, exceptional service and quick delivery of a diverse product line are the foundation of our business. Rubberlite has been providing our customers with the highest quality foam, sponge rubber and laminating solutions since 1986. We have been innovators in converted cellular rubber and plastic products, producing excellence in our materials and customer satisfaction. We proudly offer the HyPUR-cel® and Visco-cel® family of medium-to-high density foams that outperform any foam on the market in thousands of unique applications.

  • Sealed Air

    Sealed Air

    Sealed Air helps businesses succeed in a world of unprecedented resource challenges. We are a knowledge-based company, delivering outcomes that create outstanding value for our customers. Industries around the world are at a turning point. Global megatrends such as population growth, urbanization, food, water, and energy scarcity, labor and skills shortages, and climate change are forcing companies to approach their business strategies in new ways. Meeting these growing resource challenges demands more than just sustainable solutions. It demands practical answers forged from deep experience, nimble application, and creative ingenuity that constantly Re-imagine™ the possibilities.

  • UFP Technologies

    UFP Technologies

    Founded in 1963 and headquartered in Newburyport, Massachusetts, UFP Technologies is primarily a medical designer and manufacturer of custom devices, sub-assemblies, components and packaging utilizing highly specialized foams, films, and plastics. Our single-use and single-patient devices and components are used in a wide range of medical devices, disposable wound care, infection prevention, minimally invasive surgery, wearables, orthopedic soft goods, and orthopedic implant packaging. UFP Technologies, however, is diversified in also providing highly engineered products and components to customers in the aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer, electronics, and industrial markets. Typical applications include military uniform and gear components, automotive interior trim, athletic padding, environmentally friendly protective packaging, air filtration, abrasive nail files, and protective cases and inserts.

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